Everything You Need to Know About Flash Drives

Mar 17

In today’s digital age, where everything is stored in the cloud, you may think that flash drives have gone the way of the floppy disc. But we’re here to tell you that these handy little ha...

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Case Study: The Weather is Snow Joke

Mar 10

Description: Keep Warm Buddy Set Industry: Education What it was purchased for: A local school was looking for a fundraiser item to help older kids raise money for an overnight camping trip. The...

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Case Study: A StuPENdous Promotion

Mar 03

Description: Dart Pen Industry: Technology What it was purchased for: A data storage company wanted an item they could put on their company store website in which branches or divisions could purchas...

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Case Study: Save the Date, Save the Day

Feb 24

Description: Trifold Calendars Industry: Banking What it was purchased for: A local bank wanted a way to thank their new customers with a promotional gift item that would have a high perceived value...

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6 Unique Eco-Friendly Promo Products to Feel Good About Giving

Feb 17

Carl Sagan once wrote, "preserve and cherish the pale blue dot; it's the only home we've ever known." And as we look towards the future of our planet, it has now become more important than ever to loo...

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Case Study: Snack Pack It!

Feb 09

Vertical Market: Hospitality Product Use: Gift with Enrollment Promotion: An ocean excursion company chose the Igloo® Marine Backpack Cooler as a gift with enrollment for customers participating...

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Customer Experience + Branding: The Relationship Goals of Marketing

Feb 02

Customer experience can make or break your company. How you and your employees treat customers directly reflects your brand’s values. But the truth is, positive customer experiences can be diffi...

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Trending Now: Sustainable Apparel Options

Jan 26

If you’ve spent any time in fashion circles this year, you know that sustainability is the hot topic of the moment. With discussions swirling about fast fashion, ethical production, and everythi...

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Perk up Your Promotions With These 6 Coffee Products

Jan 19

Coffee enthusiasts will love these promotional products that look like they’re straight from the coffee shop! Millions of people drink coffee and tea every day, even multiple times a day which m...

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5 Promotional Products That Will Have Your Clients Dreaming

Jan 12

There are a lot of branding opportunities that go unnoticed in a world of t-shirts and coffee mugs. In fact, there’s an entire industry that spends every waking hour thinking of ways to help you...

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So what do you do?

Mar 12, 2020

When you asked this question, how do you respond? It's great when you have a 30-60 second infomercial ready for your answer. Sometimes my answer is I take your logo/image and print it. From bus...

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How are you staying current in business?

Mar 04, 2020

Are you keeping current with your business? And you think, just what do you mean? I'm talking today about current education that is available for your particular business. Some might call it ...

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Discover how to alleviate pain, and how to more fully connect with your self and others.

Oct 29, 2014

Rebecca Hall Gruyter, D'Ann Hayes, and Laruie Ratto look forward to sharing you with you how to Unmask Your Potential and step forward powerfully. D'Ann will share with you about how you can consisten...

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Discover How to Shine in Business and Relationships!

Jun 25, 2014

Discover How to Shine in Business and Relationships! Part of being a star in your own life is learning how to shine and be seen truly in your business and in your relationships. Rebecca Hall Gruyter a...

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